Hair Transplant

Why should you choose Este Future for hair transplantation?

Este Future provides quality service to its patients who receive counseling with its experience of more than 10 years, the operations it performs in the institutions it has contracted with, and the results of the operations.

Este Future, with its contracted clinics, helps people with hair loss to overcome their problems. With Sapphire and Choı technique, it analyzes the most suitable type of transplantation for the hair follicles of its patients and performs hair transplantation accordingly.

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Sapphire Technique

In the sapphire FUE hair transplantation technique, the hair transplantation is correct with real sapphire ore, not with the declines before growth. Sapphire tips provide an effect in a much smaller area in the planting area and enable the opening of micro channels. It reduces crusting by minimizing the reduction of micro-revitalization in the channels. In the application, it heals after the application and there is no visible scar.

Micro-channels related to the sapphire tips allow the hair to be planted in a tight and straight direction. Thanks to this technique, they have hair in a natural way that they would not buy from their own hair in real life.

CHOI Technique

It means “Direct Hair Transplantation”. In this method, grafts are collected thanks to a medical pen called choi, which should only be used by specialists, and then the hair taken with this pen is placed directly on the skin without opening an incision or channel.

In the known hair transplantation methods, these two operations are performed at separate times, thanks to the special pen used, the procedure is reduced to one and the patient is comforted.

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